USB Plug Sockets

USB Plug Sockets

Nowadays it seems every product we buy has all the bells and whistles we need for a technologically driven day, and the same theory applies when it comes to your plug sockets. USB plug sockets are a simple yet superb way of unlocking a number of benefits, particularly in office settings where instant access to information is needed to deliver the same high quality service to your own customers.

In addition to providing two standard UK 3-pin sockets, our specially adapted products are equipped with a USB twin port. Available in satin chrome, brushed chrome, black nickel and polished chrome, with either a black or white trim, our USB plug sockets ensure each and every device you or your client has at their disposal, from phones and cameras to laptops and tablets, can be charged with up to four devices able to be charged at any one time. The use of USB plug sockets also has major energy saving benefits too with gadgets plugged into the ports only receiving the required power they need. For those looking for an ultra-sleek finish, our screwless USB plug socket may be the ideal choice for you.

Upgrade to a wall outlet with USB functionality today by perusing the products below.

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Urban Edge Brushed Chrome USB Ports 3.1a Double sockets 13a 85mm x 145mm x 3mm  ..
Polished Chrome USB Socket - Windsor Range 3.1a Ultra Fast Charging  13a Plug Sockets ..
Black Nickel USB Socket 3.1a Ultra Fast Charging 13a Plug Sockets Dimensions - 145mm x 85m..
Plate Sizes -  Double Socket - 100mm x 190mm 2 x USB Ports Combined 3.1a ..